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#139912 Quality Assurance Manager FFG

Posted: 03/05/2023

Overall Functions
This person is responsible for overseeing the gathering and verifying the proper support documentation requested for ensuring successful outcomes of internal and external audits, including but not limited, operations audits and FDICIA controls.   This includes making recommendations on how to minimize the Division’s/ Bank’s exposure and ensure that credit policy and procedures manual practices are followed. Understand all functions within the team to provide support.
This person should have a bachelor’s degree plus five years of work-related experience or the equivalent. A sound understanding of accounts receivable financing/factoring is needed. Must have leadership, problem solving, and team building skills, along with possessing good communication, analytical, technical, and organizational skills.  Ability to recognize opportunities for automation and direct the implementation of such. Knowledge in transportation field extremely helpful, but not required.
1. Lead the team and develop an atmosphere of teamwork, open communication and unity. Provide oversight of all services offered.  Actively mentor staff and ensure they are trained, evaluated, and motivated to perform their responsibilities in an effective and progressive manner.
2. Manage daily operations and FDICIA control related documents of the Division ensuring completeness, validity, and accuracy according to determined policy.
3. Provide oversight of virtual filing process for all reports and other client and debtor sensitive documentation required to be stored in corporate network storage system and factoring software as per required items for audit and retention policies.
4. Review and approve all documentation, be the responsible party to ensure the safe transmission of sensitive documents to requesting parties.
5. Provide daily and end of month support in administration of duties as part of the Operations Team. Act as special advisor to Brokerage Service Team and Quality Assurance Team in administration of Broker/Carrier agreements, invoicing, and payments.
6. Act as a liaison between Quality Assurance Team, internal/external Auditors, Audit Managers, BSA Liaisons and Division Officers.
7. Gain a working knowledge of all vendor products and functions within the Factoring Division in- order-to coordinate vendor reviews in a timely manner with Enterprise Risk Management team.
8. Manage discount default fee calculation, analysis, approvals, and administration thereof as it relates to the Factoring & Security Agreements as well as acquisition security and other contractual agreements within the division.
9. Oversee the creation of reports, tutorials, manuals, training guides for process and procedures to ensure that all guidelines are being met in relation to security templates and network access of software systems accessed within the Division.
10. Communicate directly with Officers of the Division regarding issues related to the above-mentioned duties.
11. Participate in management training and offer the same to supervisory staff/direct reports.
12. Act in accordance with FBT policies and procedures as set forth in the employee handbook.
13. Adhere to compliance procedures and participate in required compliance training.