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Mental Health Outpatient Clinical Supervisor

Posted: 10/02/2023

JOB TITLE: Mental Health Outpatient Clinical Supervisor

LOCATION: Madison, South Dakota





The Community Counseling Services Outpatient Program is an intensive and comprehensive, person-centered, family focused, community-based, individualized system of care that delivers mental health services to members of our community. These services shall be provided to these individuals within the least restrictive, most normative environment that is clinically appropriate, and in a manner that is sensitive and responsive to their cultural differences and special needs. These individuals will be full participants in all aspects of the evaluation, planning, and delivery of services, which shall be integrated with all involved service agencies and programs. The supervisor will access and coordinate services on behalf of those clients they and their staff are working with.


Community Counseling Services expects employees to be welcoming to clients, including those with co-occurring disorders, and engaging clients at their current stage of recovery. Services provided will be in accordance with the plans and guidelines as established by Community Counseling Services and the State Division of Behavioral Health.  Portray and encourage civility to all clients, customers, employees, community partners and vendors.


Education and Experience

OP Clinical Supervisor, at a minimum will possess a Master’s Degree in a Human Services field and must hold or be able to obtain LPC, LPC-MH or CSW or CSW-PIP, psychologist licensure within their respective fields.  If licensed, maintain licensure status.  Current QMHP status is preferred, but will be willing to work to obtain QMHP if currently licensed.

Certificates, licenses, registrations

  • Psychologist licensure within their respective fields
  • Valid South Dakota Driver’s license
  • Must not be excluded from participating in Medicare, Medicaid, and any Federal health care program, as provided by the OIG, USDHHS.

Supervisory Responsibilities: Madison Outpatient Area of Service Providers


Client Care

  1. Conduct client intake, assessments and diagnostic interviews
  2. Individual and group counseling with clients and family members.
  3. Develop and update treatment plans in a timely manner.
  4. Documentation of all clients related contacts reflecting individual treatment plan.
  5. Complete progress reports and discharge summaries in a timely manner.
  6. Referral to appropriate services to meet client needs.
  7. Participate in and utilize treatment teams concepts.
  8. Case management and liaison services with family and referral sources.


  1. Supervision of licensure candidates and respective school interns as assigned
  2. Address clinical questions and issues in the area of service
  3. Participate in setting and maintain clinical and philosophical integrity of all services as prescribed by area of service goals and objectives.
  4. Utilize and supervise the outcome measurement tool as directed by the agency Clinical Director.
  5. Assist Clinical Director with compliance reviews in area of service.
  6. Maintain confidentiality regarding privileged administrative and client information in a professional manner
  7. Employee interviews, 90 day reviews, annual reviews, ability to utilize and implement performance improvement plans.
  8. Manage staff of therapists and case managers clinically and operationally.
  9. Liaison between staff and all other areas of service and administration.
  10. Other duties as assigned


  1.  Participate in staff recruitment, interviewing, hiring, work assignments and performance supervision according to agency policies and individual quota expectations.
  2. Other duties as assigned including (but not limited to) creating and teaching skill-building classes, and participate in meetings of clinical and organization planning and management.
  3. Manage and develop education plans/leave with providers in area of service with Deputy Director.
  4. Manage and develop productivity plans with providers in area of service with Deputy Director.
  5. Assist in new staff orientation.
  6. Perform annual performance reviews of providers in area of service with Deputy Director.
  7. Participate in emergency services: On-call Consultant, After Hours Consulting and/or QMHP
  8. A full time Clinical Supervisor will work 40 hours a week.
  9.  Due to the nature of the position, the Clinical Supervisor will be expected to work a minimum of one evening per week if needed.

Licensure & Credentialing

  1.  Maintain professional licensure
  2.  Participate with credentialing staff to establish and maintain billing/admitting/service credentials

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